maanantai 10. helmikuuta 2014

Puppies planned!

A litter is planned for our lovely Kasaque Nacomis in the spring 2014.
We hope for puppies in the middle of April.
The sire of the litter to be is our elegant gentleman El Hamrah Taraf-Tahir.

Jada is the embodiment of moderation. A very sound bitch, whose only been lightly show due to her owner/handler's other commitments. She has been healthy all through her 6 years. She has a strong temperament, but behaves well with people and dogs alike. She is beautifully bred and carries the lovely athletic Kasaque lines, which have always produced excellent offspring with the elegant El Hamrah lines.

Ramon is an elegant charmer and the easiest dog to live with. In his youth a dazzling show star, now a healthy and still lively veteran going on 14. Many know his beautifull light gait and sweet expression, but only a few have seen him at home when he puts on the funny hat and makes us smile.

We are expecting sound and moderate puppies with a dash of special elegance. The puppies will hopefully grow up to be salukis who are a joy to share everyday life with and who have potential for all kinds of canine activities.

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